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That venerable man little knew the boon he was conferring upon all of his lineage who were to succeed him, by the knowledge which he imparted in that epistle. He never dreamed that his letter would become historic, and that he was the earliest historian of his family, and had made possible the tracing of the annals of his race into the dim past. He little thought that a century later distant kinsmen 'from beyond seas' would seek out the old home and his abode, as the place where lived a benefactor. Yet such was to be the case.

His home stands alone. The fires have gone out upon the its ancient hearthstone. .....the beating storms, the buffeting winds and tempests, shall assail no more forever the Dinsmores at that old homestead.......The home of Samuel Dinsmore (son of Robert, the letter writer) and of his son, John Dinsmore, now of Bloomington, Indiana [1889], was only a few rods away. ....The fields are well cultivated, the country attractive and inviting to the view. A general look of thriftiness and good cheer prevails. ...I bade farewell to the first home of the Dinsmores in Ireland and went to Ballymoney. In the cemetery there is their quiet place of rest. ....I took a hurried view of the small, yet historic town where had lived another of my ancestors, Justice James McKeen who emigrated to Londonderry, N.H., in 1719. The emigrating sons and daughters, and their descendants, of the little moorland town of Ballymoney have had a wide influence in the Scotch-American settlements in the United States".


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