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Historians are  somewhat uncertain  how many ships arrived in America in that year but the emigration is traditionally believed to have taken place in five ships, including a Dublin based ship which may have called in Derry to pick up passengers. Patrick Griffin notes that 'For the early period, no shipping lists exist, nor are all the crossings accounted for.' Based on the incomplete Boston port records, R.J. Dixon names four ships (the William and Elizabeth, the McCallum, the Mary and Elizabeth, the William and Mary) as having arrived in Boston in the summer of 1718. Additionally, the Boston News Letter recorded that two other ships from Ulster arrived in Boston that summer (the Robert and the William).

Therefore, the following vessels arrived in Boston in the summer of 1718:

The William and Mary from Coleraine,
30 tons, with passengers and provisions.

The McCallum from Londonderry,
70 tons, 100 passengers and some linen.

The Mary and Elizabeth from Londonderry,
45 tons, some linen and 45 passengers.

The William and Elizabeth from Londonderry,
40 tons, passengers and provisions.

The Robert from Coleraine.

The William from Coleraine

18th Century VesselThe Robert from Coleraine and the William from Coleraine, which carried the main contingent of Scots-Irish migrants from the Bann area, arrived on August 4, 1718. The remainder of this group arrived with the Reverend Woodside on the McCallum on September 6.


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